Earthworm Garden Survey Techniques Study

In order to create earthworm records you usually have to go looking for them first of all. At the Earthworm Society of Britain we designed a structured surveying technique in order to standardise sampling methods employed by our earthworm recorders to maximise the information we can pull out of the records. After trialling our methods for the past three years we will be reviewing our recommended sampling methods before launching a new survey aimed at helping us understand more about garden earthworms.

SketchMartin Noble is currently studying for an MSc in Biological Recording with MMU and is looking into optimising some of our earthworm survey techniques for use within gardens.  In particular, he is looking into species accumulation using both soil pit sampling and timed microhabitat searching.  His focus on garden surveys means that his results will be very informative when we design our new survey.

As well as undertaking his own surveying, Martin is asking if any ESB-trained recorders with access to a garden can help him by using the specific survey methodology that he’s designed for this study to undertake a garden survey using my specific survey methodology. All data must be reported to Martin by the end of June 2017.

Martin has agreed to share both the records and his results with the ESB and we can’t wait to see what he finds!