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Two worms on the handEarthworm Watch is a citizen science survey brought to you by Earthwatch and the Natural History museum, in association with the Earthworm Society of Britain. It's well known that earthworms increase soil fertility and carbon storage by mixing in dead plant material. However, data about earthworms is severely lacking and this is particularly so in urban areas, despite the large percentage of urban space taken up by gardens and green spaces.

Earthworm Watch needs your help to tell us about the earthworms in your area so that we can better understandhow soil carbon stocks are affected by our management of soils. This is a real opportunity for anyone to get involved in a meaningful scientific research project.

What do you need to do?

The survey is really fun and it's suitable for people of all ages and ability as it doesn't require earthworm species identification skills (so no microscope necessary). Instead it focuses on categorizing the earthworms you find into 3 groups (or ecotypes). Anyone with safe access to a green space (such as a garden, allotment, park or school grounds) can undertake the survey, but remember to get permission. You can download the survey materials from the Earthworm Watch website (link below) but please note that data collection for this project closed in 2018.

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