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The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (ESB) aims to promote and support scientific research so that earthworms and their environment can be better understood. Through its work the society aims to encourage the conservation of earthworms and their habitats and to educate and inspire people so that these fascinating creatures may continue to be enjoyed in the future.

Annual General Meeting 2020

Recording Officer Report extract
This year the Earthworm Society of Britain hosted our first ever Virtual AGM - and it was a great success. We had the best attendance we've ever had at an AGM with 37 attendees! The meeting minutes, Ask Us Anything write up, recording of the 'Earthworms in Gardens' talk by Emma Sherlock and update on our SuperComposters UK Virtual Meetup are all now available...

Ask Us Anything Q&A - AGM 2020

For our 2020 virtual AGM the ESB hosted a Q&A session where she invited members to 'Ask Us Anything' (about earthworms) and the ESB sourced answers from our society officers and earthworm experts. Charlie Bell tells us what was asked and the responses that were given...


Charlie Bell

Darwin's Earthworms

Charles Darwin
Kerry Calloway discusses Charles Darwin's earthworm research in this FSC Virtual Meetup. FSC Virtual Meetups are short natural history webinars, comprising of a 30-40 minute talk from either an FSC BioLinks team member or a guest speaker, followed by a question and answer session. 

Go Wild For Worms

Go Wild For Worms

This year Wild About Gardens is going wild about worms! These wriggly fellows are well known to gardeners all over. At first glance they might not seem particularly special, but they’re essential for our soils and wildlife. There are no less than 29 earthworm species in the UK and each one has an integral role in our ecosystem. It's time to take action for the worms in your garden!

Earthworm Recorder's Handbook

Earthworm Recorder's Handbook

The NERS Earthworm Recorder's Handbook was produced by the Earthworm Society of Britain to support existing and new earthworm recorders.

The handbook combines previous ESB guidance with new content and covers topics such as earthworm sampling techniques, earthworm preservation, recording earthworms and identifying earthworms.

This publication is currently available as a free-to-download resource as the ESB plans to update the document on a regular basis.

*The current version available for download was last updated on 27 September 2019.

SuperComposters UK Virtual Meetup




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The theme for the 5th annual World Earthworm Day on 21st October 2020 will be SuperComposters – to celebrate the relationship between man, waste and worms! The Field Studies Council have teamed up with the Earthworm Society of Britain to put together a SuperComposters UK Virtual Meetup event for those interested in learning more about vermicomposting and the important role that earthworms can play in helping us deal with our waste.