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Thank you for showing interest in becoming a much valued member of the Earthworm Society of Britain, the only one of its kind in the UK and indeed the world.

Who can join? 

People of all ages are welcome!
People of all ages are welcome!

Membership to the Earthworm Society of Britain is open to anyone of all ages and all scientific and natural history abilities, from complete beginner to expert. All you need is an interest in earthworms, a desire to explore the rich biodiversity of life that lies beneath your feet and perhaps the willingness to get your hands dirty digging every now and again! 

Your membership fees help us keep the Earthworm Society running and support our work towards our 3 aims:

  1. To conduct research into earthworms in the UK
  2. To promote knowledge and appreciation of earthworms within the non-scientific community
  3. To educate the non-scientific community in earthworm biology and ecology

We believe in keeping our membership fees as low as possible to make the Earthworm Society accessible to all. Membership costs just £5 per year (or £40 for a Lfe membership). We are able to keep our costs low by:

  • Administering our memberships electronically - meaning that all communications are by email and we have a reduced environmental impact on the planet.
  • Being run by volunteer - all of our officers undertake our work around their work and personal commitments so we ask our members to be considerate and understanding of this and allow up to 1 month for memberships to be processed.
  • Operating membership by calendar year - this reduces our admin as we don't have the capacity to monitor and manage memberships by the anniversary of when a member joined.
  • Simplifying financial systems - PayPal is the only form of payment we can accept.

Annual cost

No sky-high membership fees here! Even more reason to join us. 

Individual Membership is just £5
Individual Lifetime Membership is only £40

Members sampling earthworms
Members sampling earthworms

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Use PayPal - this is the only form of payment we can accept



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Thank you for joining us!