"Super Composters" theme voted in

For the past few weeks we've been running a poll on Facebook to decide the theme for this year's World Earthworm Day on 21st October 2020. Two potential themes were offered to voters:

Super Composters - A day celebrating how earthworms deal with both man and nature's waste, including tips and guidance for composters and gardeners.

Worms of the World - A day celebrating the various different kinds of earthworm from around the world, from the weird and wo

The people have spoken and 62% of you voted for a “Super Composters” theme. Get ready for a day to celebrate just how amazing earthworms are at turning waste into a valuable resource for gardening. We'll be re-launching our Earthworm Compost Survey as part of the celebrations and publishing articles on our website relating to composting. So spread the word and help us tell the world about why earthworms are such #SuperComposters this #WorldWormDay

World Earthworm Day 2020 #SuperComposters Facebook banner 1

World Earthworm Day 2020 Facebook banner

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