Soil Pit Survey iRecord Form

A new iRecord form has been developed by the Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) to facilitate the recording of Soil Pit Survey data. This will enable the ESB to collect both earthworm species records and transect level data on abundance for soil pit surveying going forward.

Where to find the Soil Pit Survey form on iRecord

The form has been added to the National Earthworm Recording Scheme iRecord activity and can be accessed by choosing the 'Enter Soil Pit Survey' option in the screenshot below.

iRecord Soil Pit Survey Form

What is different about the Soil Pit Survey form

The Soil Pit Survey form differs from the standard 'Enter Earthworm Records' form in a number of ways.

  • The 'Soil Pit Survey' form is split over three tabs instead of two. 

iRecord form tabs

  1. Recorders do not enter a sampling method. The form instead asks the recorder to enter the number of pits dug for a given sample. Behind the scenes this will be recorded as (i) '401 soil pit sampling' where the number of pits is equal to anything other than 5 (ii) '402 NERS 5 soil pit protocol' where the number of pits is equal to 5.
  2. Recorders enter the number of unidentified earthworms discarded or returned to the soil. Combined with the species records provided in the species table, this will give a measure of earthworm abundance. This information will be stored at the sample transect level.

iRecord Soil Pit Form - Soil Pit Surveys tab

iRecord Soil Pit Form - Site Details tab

iRecord Soil Pit Form - Species tab

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