Earthworm Sampling Day

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Join like-minded people with an interest in recording wildlife observations for a day surveying earthworms. The specimens collected will also help us to build up an earthworm species list for the site and all records will be added to the National Earthworm Recording Scheme database. Sampling earthworms involves conducting microhabitat searches and hand-sorting soil pit samples to collect specimens for identification by our trained earthworm recorders at a later date.

Thanks to the players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the Royal Parks is conducting research on the earthworms in areas where leaf litter is left, compared with areas where leaves are routinely cleared. and we are inviting you to get stuck in with us!

What will the day involve?

  • Practical experience using a variety of methods to survey and sample earthworms.
  • Practical experience in collecting and preserving earthworm specimens.
  • Contributing to aresearch project that will inform management practice of London's Royal Parks.
  • A chance to meet fellow like-minded people from a range of different disciplines.

Please note that this event will involve individuals collecting, preserving and killing earthworm specimens for identification purposes.

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Earthworm Specialist: Keiron Derek Brown

Keiron has been running the National Earthworm Recording Scheme since it was launched in 2014. He has run over 100 earthworm training courses and events since 20214, covering a wide range of subjects including biology, ecology, surveying, identification and recording. He is currently authoring a Provisional Earthworm Conservation Status Assessment for the UK on behalf of Natural England.

Recording the UK's earthworms

All records generated through this event will be submitted to iRecord in order to share our findings with the site managers, the Local Environmental Record Centre and the National Earthworm Recording Scheme.

Kensington Gardens (London)

Kensington Gardens is one of London's eight Royal Parks covering an area of 265 acres of old and new park pastimes and green space.

This event is delivered by the Biological Recording Company and The Royal Parks, and is supported by the Earthworm Society of Britain as part of the Leave The Leaves project.

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Kensington Gardens (London)





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Earthworm Sampling Day

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