Endo the Earthworm


Jon Rees

Endo the Earthworm is a new bilingual creative and educational project bringing together puppetry, storytelling, music and environmental education for primary school age children (and everyone else!) in the UK and Germany. 

In this blog, the Endo the Earthworm team tell the Earthworm Society of Britain about the project.

Meet Endo the earthworm! Endo is an endogeic earthworm who lives deep beneath the dark, damp earth. Endo feels safe under the ground and rarely travels above the earth. 

Endo likes listening to the trees talking to each other through their twisting roots about the world above ground - the world Endo has never visited. The trees’ wondrous stories come to life in Endo’s dreams. They tell tales of the amazing creatures who dance in the sun, alive with colour and song!

From 21st October 2020, you can meet Endo and the incredible mini-beasts Endo discovers in a series of five short films released to celebrate World Earthworm Day. These will ultimately (Covid-19 dependent) lead to a live tour of the UK and Germany.

Team Endo

We are a group of professional award-winning puppeteers and musicians who would like to make Endo’s dreams a reality in a series of short films featuring beautiful handmade puppets and special music played on rare and wonderful instruments. 

Puppet theatre company Rust & Stardust  is collaborating with musicians Tabea Debus, Jonathan Rees and Alex McCartney on this magical new story for nature and music lovers of all ages.

We are very grateful for our partnerships with UK conservation charities Buglife UK and the Earthworm Society of Britain.  

Worm puppet
Endo the Earthworm puppet design (c) Rust & Stardust (all rights reserved)


Meet Endo

To meet Endo and Endo’s fellow mini-beasts, take an earthworm quiz, play a retro “escape the bird” game and find out more about the project as a whole, take a look at www.endotheearthworm.com.

Helping hands (c) Rust & Stardust
Helping hands (c) Rust & Stardust (all rights reserved)
Meet Endo at http://endotheearthworm.com/
Endo the Earthworm (c) Rust & Stardust (all rights reserved)

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