World Earthworm Day 2019

Three years ago the Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) nominated 21st October as World Earthworm Day. An October date was chosen in order to honor the father of earthworm ecology, Charles Darwin, as this is the month that his book 'The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Actions of worms' was published.

Since that first World Earthworm Day on Friday 21st October 2016 Saturday 21st October 2017, we repeated our new tradition and celebrated why #EarthwormsAreImportant through a plethora of social media posts about our favourite group of animals on 21st October in 2017 and 2018, and we're planning our biggest social media celebration of earthworms yet on Monday 21st October 2019 for World Earthworm Day 2019.

We'll begin celebrating the day at 8pm on Facebook and will post an earthworm-related post every half hour until 10pm! In amongst these posts will some exciting new website content from the ESB, including:

  • a survey from Buglife looking for non-native earthworm-eating flatworms.
  • an exciting rare earthworm find from North Somerset.
  • a blog from the Earthworm Watch project telling us what their finding were.
  • details of our first earthworm course for 2020!

However, that's not all... we want you to help us celebrate World Earthworm Day 2019 by spreading the word.

Our hashtags for the event will be #WorldWormDay and #EarthwormsAreImportant

Celebrate World Earthworm Day with these free-to-use downloadable social media banner and Facebook/Instagram story images:

World Earthworm Day 2019 banner image
World Earthworm Day 2019 banner image 1
World Earthworm Day 2019 story image
World Earthworm Day 2019 story image
World Earthworm day 2019 banner image 2
World Earthworm day 2019 banner image 2