An Introduction to Earthworm Identification

Tanyptera Trust

This is a joint event between The Tanyptera Trust and Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Earthworms are one of the most under recorded invertebrate groups in the UK, despite their importance for soil health. In fact, we don’t know anyone in Cheshire regularly making biological records of them. Join Natural England’s Soil Biodiversity Specialist Dr Matthew Shepherd to learn the basics of how to identify UK earthworms using microscopes. The course will also cover how to find and sample earthworms in the field. Please be aware that we will be killing some earthworms on the day in order to learn how to make accurate identifications. This is will not impact populations but is essential for training and collecting data to better understand the status of earthworm species, which can be used to inform conservation.

Please note that this event is not an Earthworm Society of Britain training course and any enquiries should be directed to the host organisations.


Holly Bank House, Poole Lane Thornton-Le-Moors, Cheshire CH2 4JF





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Identification workshop

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