World Earthworm Day 2019

World Worm day
World Earthworm Day 2019 will take place on Monday 21st October 2019. #WorldWormDay is all about celebrating why #EarthwormsAreImportant Download our World Earthworm Day social media story and banner images to use on your social media...

Soil Invertebrate ID Training Pathway

Soil Invertebrate ID Training Pathway

The Earthworm Society of Britain has been working with the FSC BioLinks project to produce a Soil Invertebrate ID Training Pathway, which will form part of the upcoming FSC BioLinks 'Invertebrate ID Training Plan'. In addition this training pathway has been approved by the British Myriapod & Isopod Group, British Arachnological Society and the Collembola Recording Scheme.

Learn To Love courses open for bookings

Earthworm notes

If you’re interested in earthworms but don’t feel ready for a beginner’s ID workshop, then our Learn To Love training courses are for you! These 1-day courses for people who are fascinated by earthworms but don’t know where to start with them. It’s a very gentle introduction to the world of earthworms and the art (and science!) of telling one kind from another.

Go Wild For Worms

Go Wild For Worms

This year Wild About Gardens is going wild about worms! These wriggly fellows are well known to gardeners all over. At first glance they might not seem particularly special, but they’re essential for our soils and wildlife. There are no less than 29 earthworm species in the UK and each one has an integral role in our ecosystem. It's time to take action for the worms in your garden!

Bedfordshire Earthworms

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Bedfordshire is a county with a rich history of recording wildlife. However, like many UK counties, the earthworms of Bedfordshire are hugely under-recorded despite their widely recognised ecological importance. So just how little do we know about Bedfordshire earthworm diversity and distribution? And what is the Earthworm Society of Britain doing to rectify this lack of earthworm data?

New Earthworm Recorder's Handbook available to download

Earthworm Recorder Handbook

The Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) is proud to announce that our new Earthworm Recorder's Handbook has been published on our website.

This document was designed to provide guidance for new and existing earthworm recorders with regards to all aspects of earthworm recording, including sampling and identification.

The handbook combines previous ESB guidance with new content and covers topics such as earthworm sampling techniques, earthworm preservation, recordng earthworms and identifying earthworms.