Soil Pit Survey iRecord Form

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A new iRecord form has been developed by the Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) to facilitate the recording of Soil Pit Survey data. This will enable the ESB to collect both earthworm species records and transect level data on abundance for soil pit surveying going forward.

Annual General Meeting 2020

Recording Officer Report extract
This year the Earthworm Society of Britain hosted our first ever Virtual AGM - and it was a great success. We had the best attendance we've ever had at an AGM with 37 attendees! The meeting minutes, Ask Us Anything write up, recording of the 'Earthworms in Gardens' talk by Emma Sherlock and update on our SuperComposters UK Virtual Meetup are all now available...

Earthworms in Gardens

Earthworms in Gardens
Only 2 of the earthworm species known to occur in the UK have not been recorded in gardens! Emma Sherlock, Chair of the Earthworm Society of Britain addresses the ESB members about the earthworms that are found in gardens and what you can do to encourage a thriving and diverse earthworm population in your own little patch of greenspace....

Darwin's Earthworms

Charles Darwin
Kerry Calloway discusses Charles Darwin's earthworm research in this FSC Virtual Meetup. FSC Virtual Meetups are short natural history webinars, comprising of a 30-40 minute talk from either an FSC BioLinks team member or a guest speaker, followed by a question and answer session.