Earthworm Recorder's Handbook

Earthworm Recorder's Handbook

The NERS Earthworm Recorder's Handbook was produced by the Earthworm Society of Britain to support existing and new earthworm recorders.

The handbook combines previous ESB guidance with new content and covers topics such as earthworm sampling techniques, earthworm preservation, recording earthworms and identifying earthworms.

This publication is currently available as a free-to-download resource as the ESB plans to update the document on a regular basis.

*The current version available for download was last updated on 27 September 2019.

Learn To Love Earthworms


FSC London: Beckenham Place Park


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Cancelled due to COVID-19

If you’re interested in earthworms but don’t feel ready for a beginner’s ID workshop, then this day is for you! It’s a day for people who are fascinated by earthworms but don’t know where to start with them. It’s a very gentle introduction to the world of earthworms and the art (and science!) of telling one kind from another.

PotWatch Survey

PotWatch, is a Buglife campaign to highlight the role the importation of pot plants plays in establishing invasive species in the UK.  In the first stage of this campaign they are asking people to record countries of origin of plants they purchase at their local garden centres.