GCSE Natural History Consultation

OCR, the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA examinations board, has launched a consultation in response to the call for developing a GCSE in Natural History.

Lumbricus friendi (c) Frank Ashwood
Studying earthworms in the field (c) Dr Frank Ashwood

The OCR is working with naturalist Mary Colwell, the Natural History Museum and many others to understand the purpose and themes of such a qualification.

“We think there's a gap in the curriculum that isn't encouraging a connection with the natural world, and at the same time, we know that young people are very much engaged in the debate on the environment and they understand what their role should be and could be in protecting for the future.” - Jill Duffy, CEO, OCR

This consultation is an important step in helping to shape early thinking about what a GCSE in Natural History might look like. It starts by seeking views on the purpose of Natural History – what Natural History is – before going on to explore key themes such as conservation, the early world, and the study of flora and fauna. It also seeks to discover the practicalities and the importance of observing nature in real situations outside the classroom.

The consultation launched on 4 June 2020 and is open for everyone to take part. The closing date is midnight – 19 July 2020.

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