Earthworm ID with Microscopes

There are 29 species of earthworm living freely in soils in the UK. They are vital to the economic health of our country, as they are crucial for soil health, food production, waste decomposition and even flood mitigation.

These courses provide an introduction to identifying earthworms using the FSC AIDGAP Key to the Earthworms of the UK & Ireland. This includes a short presentation introducing the ecological groups of earthworms and features used to identify specimens to species level. During the course participants will:

  • Have learnt about the different ecological groups (or ecotypes) of earthworms
  • Gain experience looking at earthworm ID features using a microscope.
  • Use an ID key to determine earthworm specimens accurately to species level.
  • Know how to take their interest further.

Please note that this course will using specimens that have been killed and preserved.

For upcoming Earthworm ID with Microscopes training courses, check out the upcoming events.

Lumbricus terrestris features