Annual General Meeting 2020

This year the Earthworm Society of Britain hosted our first ever Virtual AGM - and it was a great success. We had the best attendance we've ever had at an AGM with 37 attendees!

Below is a summary of the outputs of the event.

Extra from Recording Officer Report
Extract from Recording Officer Report 2020

Meeting Minutes

The Minutes of the Earthworm Society of Britain AGM 2020 are available to download. The minutes include the following:

1. Apologies for absence

2. Society updates

  • Chairperson Report
  • Treasurer Report
  • Membership Officer Report
  • Enquiries Officer Report
  • Website Officer Report
  • Recording Officer Report
  • Research Officer Report

3. Changes to the constitution

4. Appointment of Trustees

Ask Us Anything Q&A

CAsk Us Anythingharlie Bell has produced a blog covering the questions that were put to the society by members, including:

  • What sort of microscope do you use to look at earthworms?
  • Do earthworms produce “poo” as a defence mechanism?
  • What earthworms should I use to aid composting?
  • Will you be holding field events again soon? 
  • And more...

AGM Talk by Emma Sherlock

Only 2 of the earthworm species known to occur in the UK have not been recorded in gardens! Emma Sherlock, Chair of the Earthworm Society of Britain addresses the ESB members about the earthworms that are found in gardens and what you can do to encourage a thriving and diverse earthworm population in your own little patch of greenspace....

SuperComposters UK Virtual Meetup announcement

We discussed the possibility of a follow up event about composting and we're pleased to announce that this has now become reality and we have exciting plan for World Earthworm Day on 21st October 2020... For more information about this exciting event (including details about booking your space), check out the event page for our SuperComposters UK Virtual Meetup.

SuperComposters UK Virtual Meetup ad

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