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New online training course from the FSC BioLinks project and Earthworm Society of Britain

For a wriggling and slimy invertebrate, earthworms have a good reputation. Most people recognise that earthworms are important, but few understand the true power of these ecosystem engineers or even that not all earthworms are the same.

Find out how different types of earthworm perform different ecological roles and be prepared to be surprised at some of the natural processes that earthworms contribute to. The course will arm beginners with the underpinning knowledge of earthworm biology, ecology, behaviour, and basic collection methods in order to embark on their earthworm journey.

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This course is comprised of 4 modules, expected to completed within a four-week period and utilises expertise from Earthworm Society of Britain approved tutors.

This is a new online training course from the FSC BioLinks project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Field Studies Council, and endorsed by the Earthworm Society of Britain.

This course is aimed at adults and covers the following topics from the Eco-Skills Earthworm Learning Framework:

  • SIN101 Earthworm Biology
  • SIN102 Earthworm Ecology & Behaviour
  • SIN103 Earthworm Diversity
  • SIN104 Finding Earthworms in their Habitats

An e-certificate of course completion will be sent to any participants that successfully complete all of the course components.

This course will be taught by Kerry Calloway and Keiron Derek Brown.




£20 - £60



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Ecology course

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