1,000 Facebook Likes and New Earthworm Video

Today the ESB reached a new social media landmark as we now have over 1,000 likes on Facebook! We received a sudden surge in likes due to our new video 'Earthworms Are Important'. The video has been shared by many, including Springwatch and BBC Wildlife Magazine. Watch our animation 'Earthworms Are Important'...

We'd like to thank all of our supporters for helping us to achieve this amazing feat. When we launched our new Facebook page just under 2 years ago we aimed to get a few hundred likes for our society and had no idea just how much support was out there for earthworms. Wildlife gardening pages such as The Bees Knees and Bee A Wildlife Gardener have supported us every step of the way and helped us to reach audiences that we had struggled to reach before. Along with the Soil Association, they helped us to promote our Earthworm Compost Survey. We have also received tremendous support from the biological recording community and organisations such as the National Biodiversity Network and Centre for Ecology & Hydrology deserve a special mention. The Field Studies Council Tomorrow's Biodiversity Project have also helped us, not only with Facebook, but by funding our Earthworm Identification Weekends to train new earthworm recorders. Our recording scheme continues to grow as a result of all of this. And without a doubt we'd like to thank each and every member and Facebook follower for all of their support, likes and shares too.

Thank you all for helping us realise that we are not alone in believing that Earthworms Are Important.

Facebook page with 1,000 likes