National Earthworm Recording Scheme Report 2016

The records submitted to the National Earthworm Recording Scheme during 2016 have been processed and we bring you this report to show you what these records are starting to tell us. All of the records covered by this report are available to download from the NBN Gateway (just search for Earthworm Society of Britain).

2016 was a great year for the ESB and this report summarises our progress regarding:

  • Training and events
  • Guidance for recorders
  • Making our data more accessible
  • Expanding our reach across Great Britain and the Channel Islands
  • Our knowledge of Aporrectodea limicola, Dendrodrilus rubidus and Lumbricus rubellus distribution

And finally, the 2016 'Earthworm Recorder of the Year' is announced!

Download the report here!