Earthworm Compost Survey Report 2015 now available to download

Earthworm compost survey results
Compost earthworm survey results

In 2011 we first ran the Earthworm Compost Survey. We had a great response, over 225 people told us about their compost and 209 people found earthworms in their compost! The survey was re-launched in September 2014 and we have now received 563 responses in total and this report outlines our findings.

We received responses from all over the UK (and even some from abroad). The results are available to view in our Earthworm Compost Survey Report 2015 (which is available from our downloads section).

You can still help!

All you have to do is go and have a look in your compost bin or heap and see if you can find earthworms. Then answer six simple questions in our survey (below) to tell us all we need to know about your compost bin and the earthworms that are (or aren't) in it. It’s that simple. Remember, we are just as interested to hear about bins that don't have earthworms in them.

(This survey is no longer available.)