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The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (ESB) aims to promote and support scientific research so that earthworms and their environment can be better understood. Through its work the society aims to encourage the conservation of earthworms and their habitats and to educate and inspire people so that these fascinating creatures may continue to be enjoyed in the future.

Digging into the world of earthworm research

Dr Frank Ashwood
The UK has a strong history of earthworm research, with Charles Darwin leading the charge back in the late nineteenth century. Darwin’s last scientific book was all about earthworms and detailed a lifetime of earthworm research, including playing them piano music! Things have come some way since then, and the humble earthworm is now globally recognised as an “ecosystem engineer”...


Frank Ashwood

New Earthworm Recorder's Handbook available to download

Earthworm Recorder Handbook

The Earthworm Society of Britain (ESB) is proud to announce that our new Earthworm Recorder's Handbook has been published on our website.

This document was designed to provide guidance for new and existing earthworm recorders with regards to all aspects of earthworm recording, including sampling and identification.

The handbook combines previous ESB guidance with new content and covers topics such as earthworm sampling techniques, earthworm preservation, recordng earthworms and identifying earthworms.

FSC BioLinks project announced

The Field Studies Council have secured a £1.23 million The National Lottery grant through the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund invertebrate identification training and recording events across the West Midlands and South East England.

The project will include training courses covering beetles, true flies, aculeate hymentoptera, molluscs, freshwater invertebrates, true bugs, arachnids and (most importantly) soil invertebrates.

Darwin's Garden Earthworm Identification Weekend


Darwin's Garden and Preston Montford Field Centre (Shropshire)


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This two day non-residential event is a great way to get into earthworm recording. If you have some experience of recording earthworms, this event is an ideal opportunity to hone your skills and spend time with like-minded people finding out more about Shropshire's earthworms.